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Cowboy Bebop

Image for anime mult Cowboy Bebop

Year: 1998

Genre: comedy, fiction, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Vatanabe Sinitiro

Autor: Yatate Hajime

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 24 min

Description of Cowboy Bebop

Year 2071. Escaping to space, humanity is rapidly settles planets in the solar system. And just as in the development of the American Wild West,guardians of the law has not kept stremitelnym process of colonization. As the new era of bounty hunters, due for catching wanted criminals. Spike Spiegel and Jet Black aboard nice spaceship " Bebop " are trying to cope with women, children, dogs, as well as the demons of the past, and thus to survive long enoughto earn a few bucks.

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