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Image for anime mult Coppelion

Year: 2013

Genre: fiction, adventures, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kanazawa Hiromichi

Autor: Inoue Tomonori

Studio: Gohands

Time: 24 min

Description of Coppelion

A terrible disaster with the collapse of the nuclear power plant destroyed much of Tokyo, leaving the radioactive zone of death. But the years go by, nature takes its tolland gradually began to air reconnaissance report that the city returns to life - first plant and then animal. Yes, the counters are still going through the roof, but the signal came for help - it means, in the ruins have survived either, or spies. Such hints of the power haves unattended do not leave,and intelligence agencies have put on the table a major trump card - the project " Koppelion " that created the genetically modified adolescents who are not afraid of radiation. Who else, after all cute schoolgirl - is the latest and most secret weapons of Japan! So, to explore the Zone sent three graduate secret project - a sharp and decisive Ibar, cheerful and noisy Aoi,as well as a quiet and shy Taeko. Each of them is in the genetic restructuring received strength, endurance, fast response, as well as other valuable qualities for the mission. To hide the scout dressed in sailor - fuku, they took with them more onigiri and moved to the area. And then - who adventure who work,the more so because the city was not so deserted as thought " big shots." The dead and missing people megalopolis, and perils, but the character is not as simple as they seem. Who should - save whom it is not necessary - you can only feel sorry for!

Images and photos of Coppelion

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