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Image for anime mult Copihan

Year: 2011

Genre: seinen, comedy, daily

Type: ona

Producer: Kamata Yuusuke

Autor: Kidani Takaaki

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 6 min

Description of Copihan

Kopihan - a school comedy that takes place in Tokyo in the near future, in 2034. But let this future, but fun in schools remains the same. In the first series we are introduced to the main characters of the original. The girl who perfectly plays baseball,two sisters in funny hats with cat ears, sweet girl-seller, which is all said "no" amazing police and many others. All the characters are very energetic and are good in their own way, leave a great impression of themselves. The audience expressed positive feedback regarding the affectation and voice,but such a small duration of the series many do not like, because it is difficult to reveal the full story. Yet the plot of each series of good logical completed because the anime looks at one go.

Images and photos of Copihan

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