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Cobra The Animation

Image for anime mult Cobra The Animation

Year: 2008

Genre: fiction, adventures, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Terasawa Buichi

Autor: Terasawa Buichi

Studio: Magic Bus

Time: 30 min

Description of Cobra The Animation

The story is about the adventures of the superhero space pirate Cobra and his faithful companion Lady android. The main character, always positive attitude, nothing can bring him out of himself, the death of friends and loved women, what happens in the course of action quite often suffers outwardly calm, but the wages the offender should be quickly and irreversibly.Brand name is a constant cigar in his mouth that does not go off even under water, and the situation can be used in various ways from the flashlight, to grenades. The women here are beautiful as the selection, has an enviable forms, and only the most severe frost, can cause them to change, unchanging minimalist swimsuiton skinny jumpsuit. In the style of the series, it reminds French films, sixties, seventies, and the main character, a bit like Jean Paul Belmondo. Dash is somewhat different from the present, in the direction of greater simplicity and at the same time realism. Yes, women are buxom and bigeye, but like here,sometimes encountered in everyday life. So if you are tired of everyday life, and I want something like that, where a lot of space, danger, adventure and less psychology, "Space Adventure Cobra", is what you need.

Images and photos of Cobra The Animation

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