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Claws of a Beast

Image for anime mult Claws of a Beast

Year: 2006

Genre: adventures, fantasy, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yuasa Masaaki

Autor: Yuasa Masaaki

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of Claws of a Beast

In ancient times, when people worshiped the gods, sacred ritual was disrupted: Woman sentenced to sacrifice to save her lover. As punishment, they were both cursed - have turned into flesh eaters,and each of the descendant was doomed, sooner or later, wake up with an insatiable hunger and start hunting. Kifuken school was founded to combat the Flesh Eaters, whose soldiers knew enough to cut off the monster`s claws - and then it will lose its strength. The problem is that it is impossible to know in advance,there is a man cursed blood or not. This difference is manifested only under strong excitation - and then an ordinary person is transformed into a ruthless monster. Any stranger can be a flesh eater - the future head of the school Kifuken young Toshihiko, remember this...until one day she meets on the beach a beautiful blonde woman. This unusual show is not only the original design drawing style - a unique combination of absurdity, humor, action scenes and romantic plot confer dizzying unpredictability. " Claws of the Beast " contain an outright parody, road movie,family chronicles, and even social satire, but first and foremost it is certainly a love story - the most crazy, terrible and salutary feeling. Note: there is no standard vocabulary

Images and photos of Claws of a Beast

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Claws of the Beast desktop wallpapers, pictures,
Claws of the Beast desktop wallpapers, pictures,