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Clannad The Motion Picture

Image for anime mult Clannad The Motion Picture

Year: 2007

Genre: drama, school, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Fujimoto Yoshitaka

Autor: Sakuraba Coharu

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 95 min

Description of Clannad The Motion Picture

After her mother`s death Tomoya Okazaki began to see strange dreams, which gradually drives him crazy, making fence themselves off from others, building the image of razgildyaya and bully.Tomoya long been disappointed in life and goes into high school out of inertia, and it communicates only with Sunoharoy - the same failure. Because it `s like when some girl named Nagisa Furukawa requests together to climb the hill to the school, on the trail under the cherry blossoms.But then Nagisa "accidentally" meet him again... and again... slowly Tomoya (with a valid Sunoharoy) is drawn into her life, beginning to assist in the implementation of the central dream of Nagisa - to revive the school theater club. Closer learning Nagisa, her family, finding new friends, Tomoya begins to understand himself, and then, finally,He comes to the most important... In contrast to the series, a feature film focuses on the mystical and romantic part of the original source and has a linear plot. However, any deficiencies (overcast start, no matter the schedule, a departure from the canon), the film can be forgiven for the amazing, piercing, just a great finale!

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