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Clannad After Story

Image for anime mult Clannad After Story

Year: 2008

Genre: tragedy, comedy, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ishihara Tatsuya

Autor: Yabuki Kentarou

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Clannad After Story

The series takes a new start where the first season ended. Gone are the summer holidays coming to an end of the last school year, the majority of the main characters.Tomoya Okazaki made a choice and now lives with his girlfriend, Nagisa Furukawa, a family which is still considered a miracle - that`s what it`s been so long deprived in childhood and adolescence. Understand themselves, the world Tomoya opened, and now not only the favorite and her family around him, but also all those who he helped, brought good and gave a piece of happiness.The protagonists have learned the art of living large and happy family, to love and help each other. And now they are waiting for new test - because there is no light without shadow, good without evil, happiness without loss. If the first season of "Klannada" symbolizes spring and the blossoming of new life, the second season tells about the fall, with its lush beauty and the inevitable withering,For thus tells the cycle times. But in common with each passing year the works of Key and Kyoto Animation stronger sounds simple motive: the magic of faith, friendship and love can overcome the pain of loss and reverse time itself!

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