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Image for anime mult Chu-Bra!!

Year: 2010

Genre: romance, ecchi, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hiiro Yukina

Autor: Nakata Yumi

Studio: Zexcs

Time: 24 min

Description of Chu-Bra!!

All adolescents are hobbies. Someone collects stuffed critters who `s watching what`s new music, but the 12 -year-old A student Nye Hayama almost professionally engaged... underwear. How else, because her older brother - the famous designer. As a result, first grader private high school "Meridian Sakura " is an experienced entuziastom-test pilot and a great expert on the eternal theme of school anime. And there is not a single drop of perversion - pure science and marketing! But the heart of the true practice requires increased cognitive bases, and will in the case of business Nye are tightened, new friends and classmates Dzingudzi Yako and Haruka Siraysi. Further more,family ties help the character to open his own club, to the masses the truth about the role of underwear in my life and the maturation of the girl. Of course, the club activities include not only the fitting and shopping trips, but also visual agitation by example.Down mossy stereotypes! Give health promotion girl`s life in puberty!

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