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Chokotto Sister

Image for anime mult Chokotto Sister

Year: 2006

Genre: daily, comedy, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kuroda Yasuhiro

Autor: Takeuchi Sakura|zappa Gou

Studio: Nomad

Time: 25 min

Description of Chokotto Sister

You never remembered that for the present to think Santa Claus as a child? No? So I advise you to remember. And he sometimes performs them. And nobody cares that you have grown up and now does not want such a gift. Gift ordered? Ordered. Obtain and sign it. And what is really there with him to do next - your caring. As already you remember the childhood? Well,teddy bear or toy car out there - it`s nothing, nothing. But the hero of the series ordered in childhood sister. I ordered and forgotten. Increased. And here and the order was delivered. And that guy doing? That`s right, take care of her sister, since she had fallen on his head. Name to give clothes to buy. And most importantly the entire teaching. She knows almost nothing,notepad with tips enjoys. For the rest, my dear good child. But that`s not all, the house where he lives a guy comes new management - shy, notorious girl who once loved this guy. And the neighbor - shameless lass, miss, too, does not. In general, look for this series. Positive charge is guaranteed.

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