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Chi`s Sweet Home 2

Image for anime mult Chi`s Sweet Home 2

Year: 2009

Genre: seinen, daily, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Masuhara Mitsuyuki

Autor: Konami Kanata

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 3 min

Description of Chi`s Sweet Home 2

Yamada `s family lives in the house where you can not keep animals. Therefore, Chi is not the fate of a walk on the street, playing on the grass and generally live a full life cat. Parents Ёheya even going to give a kitten to your friends Hokkaido: there-the Chi will freely. But Yohei came to such despair that Mom and Dad have understood: they all - family, Chi - their four-legged cousin, therefore, it is necessary to move. No sooner said than done. Poor Chi can not understand how the house came from the boxes, why things are not in their places, why all the noise and confusion. Looks like,that her life was once again turned out to be in danger. She and the head does not come that all this horror is made for its benefits...

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