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Chirin no Suzu

Image for anime mult Chirin no Suzu

Year: 1978

Genre: drama, fairy_tale

Type: ova

Producer: Hata Masami

Autor: Yanase Takashi

Studio: Aic

Time: 46 min

Description of Chirin no Suzu

"Bell Chirino" along with "Little Jumbo" and "Joe Rose" closes the collection of three animated films Sanrio writer Takashi Yanase. Takashi Yanase wrote the screenplay and lyrics. He portrayed like atmosphere pastureswhich grew cute lamb Chirino in the first half of the film, and how Chirino went to avenge the wolf named Fang, who killed his mother. Despite the fact that the story is written for children, she has a tough and sad ending. However, it is clear that Takashi Yanase tells this story to children in all seriousness.In recent years, "Bell Chirino" Takashi Yanase (which is also the voice of the wolf!) Became popular again, thanks to the Internet. Description Lenom translated from the official Japanese DVD

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