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Image for anime mult Chihayafuru

Year: 2011

Genre: daily, romance, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Asaka Morio

Autor: Suecugu Iuki

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of Chihayafuru

In high school Midzusava hot news - here came the younger sister of the well-known throughout Japan model Ayase! While students of both sexes were looking for a young star, she found a very - in local boards is high (167 cm) and a lovely girl called wanting to create of club Caruth. But Caruth - a game for children learning reading and writing,sister really super-model can not find something to do better? Unfortunately, to get to know Tihayyu Ayase, classmates realized that she does only what he wants, just says what he thinks, and does not intend to represent "exemplary lady." "Such beauty is lost in vain" - verdict local experts... and behind. I do not give up just tight MassimovTihayi friend since childhood, who knew the real reason for the obsession of old heroine game. Of course, it was the other guy named Arata Vataya, grandson of the great players, they faced a long time ago. But Arata went - and took to a girl`s heart. Thereafter Tihayya believed that,a dip in the Caruth world and reaching it true craftsmanship, could meet an old friend and clarify their feelings. Tait also wanted clarity - and therefore joined the club. Now hold on, the best Japanese players, teach better "Hundred Poems"! However, what`s the difference - move the pieces, roll the dice or throw Cards: language,spoken by a loving heart, it is still versatile!

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