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Chihayafuru 2

Image for anime mult Chihayafuru 2

Year: 2013

Genre: drama, romance, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Asaka Morio

Autor: Suecugu Iuki

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of Chihayafuru 2

Beauty Tihayya Ayase did not go on the way older sister model, and gave all the strength and energy to the creation of the club Caruth - a game in which combines psychology, calculation, response and knowledge of Japanese poetry. It is not surprising that others find strange girl - but not tight Masema, school idol, hopelessly in love with his childhood friend.The very same Tihayya said Tait`s best friend - but just refers to an old friend Arata Watan, which will incorporate it once to the ancient art. The main character is not to romance: it seeks to become the queen of Caruth, the best in Japan,and for that you have to play - and win over the past year Midzusava school team achieved considerable success and became known in the country. Tihayya itself just behind the crown, but stopped a few steps away from the title, is unable to cope with the current queen Shinobu wakame. Although girls and peers, but the flames of ice broke Tihayi Shinobu, a lazy genius,has lost the passion for the game. Well, then, it is necessary to work more on themselves, and simultaneously develop the home club - after school comes the young replenishment! And you, my friend tight, do not give up - the way to the heart of his beloved still runs through the "One Hundred Poems»!

Images and photos of Chihayafuru 2

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