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Chibi Devi!

Image for anime mult Chibi Devi!

Year: 2011

Genre: shoujo, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kamiya Maki

Autor: Shinozuka Hiromu

Studio: Pierrot Plus|synergy Sp

Time: 5 min

Description of Chibi Devi!

Sawada Honoka - the most common eighth-grader. Honoka could not boast of a good attitude to her school, the presence of friends, family, even she did not. Killed by his misfortune,girl complains to the gods on his life and gets the reward small and cute dyavolenka.Mao - so called small dyavolёnka.I how now schoolgirl explain "addition to the family", which is on the offender to breathe fire and she can become foster mother to Mao, eh? dad becomes Sugisaki Shin,who is friends with her childhood friend Kyo Ton.

Images and photos of Chibi Devi!

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Zenyaku] Chibi Devi!   05 [720p h264 AAC] [B6F554B2].mkv  Anime Tosho_11
Macenky Devil! Chibi Devi! Little dyavolёnok!
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