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Image for anime mult Chaos;Head

Year: 2008

Genre: harem, romance, thriller

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ishiyama Takaaki

Autor: Inumura Koroku

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of Chaos;Head

Eroge, RPG and anime - a dangerous mix that fully experienced the 17-year-old Takumi Nisidzё. As a true gamer and otaku, he had been living in a parallel world, almost all the time, as Diogenes in a barrel, Holding in his "temple" - a shipping container on the roof. Computer, network, favorite discs, manga and figurines, cola and pizza - what else a person needs? It is clear from the roof Takumi frustrated for a long time: man is sure that he lives with Sayre - the heroine favorite anime (very reminiscent of Elfen Lied). Naturally,3D Girl (as he calls the real world), the hero is not interested, but so far he has enough reasons to visit the school occasionally to keep him out. There he heard about the "Newgate" - a chain of strange suicides and massacres, stirred up the peaceful district of Shibuya. And the evening chatting in the game again someone remembers "Newgate"strongly suggesting interlocutors to see clips and pictures. Value accidentally click a link, and Takumi realized - he was. After this loss of reality haunted protagonist everywhere - at home, at school, on the street. The nightmare Takumi bizarre mix apocalyptic, mysticism, horror and detective stories.The apotheosis of paranoid fantasy is a scene of ritual murder in a remote alley, which makes rozovovolosaya beautiful, suspiciously similar to the anime idol Sayre. As expected, this morning, "girl from nowhere" appears in the classroom and cute welcomes Takumi. Man is desperately trying to collect the last vestiges of reason and common sense,but it was too late - the show begins!

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