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Catnapped! The Movie

Image for anime mult Catnapped! The Movie

Year: 1995

Genre: comedy, adventures, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nakamura Takashi

Autor: Nakamura Takashi

Studio: Triangle Staff

Time: 77 min

Description of Catnapped! The Movie

In Toriyasu with Miko missing dog.This would require clumsy, lazy and cowardly Papadoll? Although break the chain of dog he could not... Sister builds incredible speculation, suspicion of abducting aliens and mysterious aliens and brother grimly defends the cause of the disappearance of the most prosaic. However, as often happens in fairy tales,true is the most incredible assumption - Papadoll was kidnapped and abducted by aliens is. They took the dog to your cat`s wonderful world Banipal Vitt...

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