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Cat Soup Theater

Image for anime mult Cat Soup Theater

Year: 1999

Genre: psychology, seinen, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Fukutomi Hiroshi

Autor: Nekojiru

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 1 min

Description of Cat Soup Theater

If you`ve ever watched the Happy Tree Friends, and you have not vomited after the first four minutes, this anime is just for you. No,Well, unlike shorts HTF, Cat Theatre shows all the flaws of modern society: alcoholism, racism, stupidity, laziness... It`s all played out in funny short episodes, completely devoid of censorship. Protagonists of Cat Theatre are Nyatta and his older sister Nyako. Imagine a world where cats, dogs, people live together,They go to the same school treat each other donuts? Presented? Excellent... about this and built all anime, cats and dogs have certain rights to people, and only pigs do not have any rights. The poor pig go to the dangling things, live fences in the house, they can be beat and humiliate. And he does it not only NEC`s family, but also a teacher at the school,dogs, people on the streets. (Signs of racism in the face, but what is most interesting throughout the anime I do not have their sorry ^^ "I would say that the pig serves as a Kenny! XD). The father drinks are not drying out, it is not engaged in the education of children but just economy. When "Their Majesty" went on the robot,then he killed his employer and took away his money (in the eyes of children, which made them conclude: that`s what the job), and brought them to his wife. Stories sometimes funny, sometimes rough, sometimes damn cruel but Nyako Nyatta and do not lose heart - after all the fun of a time they.

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