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Cat Soup

Image for anime mult Cat Soup

Year: 2001

Genre: psychology, comedy, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Sato Tatsuo

Autor: Nekojiru

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 32 min

Description of Cat Soup

It all started ordinary. Nyaata tried to wash his toy car and nearly drowned himself. The parents were too busy to pay attention to his cries.In a state of clinical death Nyaata saw his older sister Nyaaku, leaving with Death. He caught up with them and tried to snatch Nyaaku in death, but he was able to get only half of her soul. As a result, it came to life, but there was, as they say, "not himself". In order to save his sister, Nyaata takes her with him in a shopping trip.And the day turns into a dreamlike journey, which aims - to help Nyaake...

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