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Cat Planet Cuties

Image for anime mult Cat Planet Cuties

Year: 2010

Genre: fiction, harem, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ueda Yooichi

Autor: Kamino Okina

Studio: Aic Plus

Time: 24 min

Description of Cat Planet Cuties

It is finished - at the beginning of the XXI century to us, finally, came the brothers on reason! That`s just the message,that passed their elusive ships stumped the best minds of the Earth, because it was very simple: "Let`s play!" As long as the powers that sought the hidden meaning of these words, and scientists examined the correctness of decoding, on the sunny Okinawa 16old Kio Kakadzu beautiful summer morning found on his bed Cute girl with cat ears and a tail. Eris is presented to the guests, he was a messenger of the distant planet Kyatiya, arrived for cultural exchange and networking er... personal contacts. What made them so! Nezhdanno-Kio unexpectedly poor house turned into an alien office, and the man who lives without their parents - in the diplomat captive. Of course, serious organizations not represented the first contact and were quick to rectify the situation. As a result, the main character, whose name means, by the way, "wonderful world", quickly realized that the real world is much more complicated.Cheerful childhood friend suddenly appeared novice CIA agent, a strict teacher - a member of the secret order, and shy with glasses, in which Kyo sensed a kindred spirit - all assassins with an international reputation. In general, life has become happier, but the face in the dirt can not be hit - the girl-cat we need!

Images and photos of Cat Planet Cuties

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