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Captain Tsubasa J

Image for anime mult Captain Tsubasa J

Year: 1994

Genre: sport

Type: tv_series

Producer: Fukutomi Hiroshi

Autor: Takahashi Youichi

Studio: Nippon Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Captain Tsubasa J

Tsubaza (Tsubasa) leaves Japan to train in Brazil under the leadership of their coach Roberto (Roberto). Now he plays in the Brazilian team Premier League, helping the team win some serious matches.There he met many talented players, including his current collaborator team, Pepe (Pepe). Coming from a poor family, Pepe went a long way, and eventually became one of the best players, along with Tsubazoy and Team Flamengo genius (Flamengo) Carlos Santana (Carlos Santana).Another promising young football player Aoi Shingo (Shingo Aoi), against which Tsubaza once played back in high school, he went from Japan to Italy to play for one of the professional league teams. However, in Italy, he meets a man who gives him a false promise to get him to the Italian team, cheating,and then runs off with all the money. When Shingo realizes that he held, he has to make an incredible amount of effort to get the money back, and literally take on any job. One day, his enthusiasm and eagerness to attract the attention of a coach of one of the local teams, Inter Milan,who then invited him to play in the team as poluzaschitnika.Tsubaza meanwhile transferred to another football team, and tepepr he will play for the Spanish club. Even before the departure to Brazil, he began to meet with his old school friend Sanae (Sanae), all the while, until Tsubaza trained in Brazil, they spent apart.Finally, just after the World Junior Championships, he proposes to her, and she becomes his wife.

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