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Captain Earth

Image for anime mult Captain Earth

Year: 2014

Genre: romance, fiction, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Igarashi Takuya

Autor: Amagi Shusuke

Studio: Bones

Time: 25 min

Description of Captain Earth

Daichi Manatsu rose tanegashima Island, in the heart of the Japanese space program.After the death of his father - astronaut boy left the island and returned to the 17 -year-olds. Taking a walk through the familiar to the pain points, the guy looked into the deserted hangar, where, as expected, met his fate. Now give - pilot fighting robot and the leader of the Earth defense team, consisting of childhood friends Teppeya and Hana.Here are just reminisce hero once - the enemies who killed his father, is here. By the way, the enemies, humanoid machines of the depths of space, is not interested in the destruction of mankind. They just think that people are too tense from an excess of vital energy, and this excess they should be friendly release,turning the milking herd. But the great trinity of the main characters, enhanced genius hacker Akari, can with a kind word and orgone beam explain brazen newcomers the depth of their delusion. In the end, sleeping car accidents hundred million years - and still go to sleep!

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