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Candy Boy

Image for anime mult Candy Boy

Year: 2007

Genre: girls, comedy, daily

Type: ona

Producer: Hoshikawa Takafumi

Autor: Hoshikawa Takafumi

Studio: Aic

Time: 14 min

Description of Candy Boy

Dissimilar twin sister Yukino and Kanade Sakurai came from the north of Hokkaido to Tokyo to learn together in high school. Dark-haired Kanade, albeit under a few minutes, looking more mature and serious, but charming blonde Yukino often behaves like a child openly and directly.But everything has a downside - for rigor often lies uncertainty, for naivete - the true female wisdom. And most importantly - the sisters love each other, and this love illuminates the whole series - cute, good and life-affirming. Relationship sisters do not prevent them to lead a normal life, but on the contrary, give strength to achieve something new, to help myself and others.While Yukino and Kanade honest with each other, they are able to solve any problem - whether it is the alienation of the younger sister Shizuku or overbearing girlfriend on Saku school, which obviously stuffed on closer acquaintance. The moral of the show is simple - the world is as we see it and we do,and not for nothing known literary character said: "All people - good»!

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Watch Anime Candy Boy Candy Boy Manga Ts