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Image for anime mult Canaan

Year: 2009

Genre: adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ando Masahiro

Autor: Nasu Kinoko

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Canaan

Syndicate "Hebi" is rampant in Southeast Asia, engaged in murders, attacks and more serious cases.But intelligence agencies lucky: Pakistan fails to arrest the head of the syndicate - mysterious Alphard that etapiruyut in Shanghai, where it is "hanging" a lot more crimes. In addition to the security services, the head of the syndicate in the lair of bandits waiting Canaan - a lone "bounty hunter", who came for the sake of the blood feud. But the hunter, led by their own code,Do not shoot at the enemy while she is helpless and surrounded by agents. She knows that "at home" Alphard short stay in prison, after which it will be possible to meet in a fair fight. Meanwhile, in Shanghai to the festival and a conference on the fight against terrorism come Minoru reporter and photographer Maria. In the holiday hustle and bustle they are separated,and Mary suddenly get into the thick of the battle, where it saves Canaan - as it turns out, old friend. Now Canaan was lit, and Liang Qi - faithful Handy Alphard - forced to divide his attention between the boss and escape the destruction of the old enemy. A cheering crowd amid crackling firecrackers do not pay any attention to the shots, no matter whatthat among them are dying terrible epidemic casualties. Who will win the "battle of the Plague»?

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