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Campione! [TV]

Image for anime mult Campione! [TV]

Year: 2012

Genre: harem, ecchi, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kusakawa Keizou

Autor: Takedzuki Dze

Studio: Diomedea

Time: 25 min

Description of Campione! [TV]

The worst thing is being in the universe - Japanese high school student, came in the spring time of youth! For 16 -year-old Godot Kusanagi was not surprised when the eccentric grandfather sent him,knows no roads, no language in Italy - bring back the old familiar sort of stone tablet. The brave man is not lost even more when I learned that the circle roaming magicians, monsters and ancient gods - because in anime, manga and ranobe all recipes have long painted Because!won by a miraculous signs and edgy beauty Erica Blundell Persian god Verethragna, Kusanagi quietly accepted the divine power, becoming one of the seven " Campione " - super soldiers, capable of hitting even the gods. After that, as expected, the hero returned home and enrolled in the senior shkolu.Razumeetsya, Eric,which turned knight magician of secret organization "Black Cross", he followed a " favorite " in Japan, because did not want to lose sight of long-term guy. Only in a country not too Yamato fools live, and Kusanagi appropriate structures masterful " summed " Urey - a shy but gifted temple priestess. The Italians once again stepped up the harem of the hero -response of the hosts was symmetrical. Now, about the newfound " Campione " was such a team of beautiful ladies, and that the fate of the world can be solved peacefully. Here are just own fate, it seems, the poor man for a long time does not belong to Godot!

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