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Camellia Girl

Image for anime mult Camellia Girl

Year: 1992

Genre: horrors, history, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Harada Hiroshi

Autor: Maruo Suehiro

Studio: Plum|aic

Time: 48 min

Description of Camellia Girl

Japan, the fifties of the last century. After the death of his mother twelve Midori remains an orphan and is a part of a traveling circus troupe, which all members have are anyor physical deformities or abnormalities. The poor girl had to endure there`s plenty of abuse and humiliation, while the troupe did not join the dwarf doctor Masanitsu with a rare gift of hypnosis. Masanitsu Midori takes under his wing, but his feelings for her than just paternal...

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