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Buddy Go!

Image for anime mult Buddy Go!

Year: 2016

Genre: shoujo, romance, comedy

Type: special

Producer: Kawasaki Itsurou

Autor: Kurosaki Minori

Studio: M S C

Time: 2 min

Description of Buddy Go!

Shizukuishi Ai - vtorogodka high school, humble and homely. She likes to dance, but poorly expresses feelingstherefore acts as a male form of recording and puts dance at the popular website "Smile Douga" under the pseudonym "Ai". She announced a rival of the "Prince of Dance," Hayate. But due to some unexpected event and attempts to surpass it, girl NOTE professional talent agencies.Ai becomes a party to the dance group. But... as a guy! And to top it all, on the rules of the agency, she has to live under one roof with Hayate! and Read Manga

Images and photos of Buddy Go!

Buddy Complex 01 [First Look]   Anime Evo_27
Buddy Complex 12   Anime Evo_28
Buddy Go! (Anime, 2016, Web)_4
Buddy Go! (Anime, 2016, Web)_8
Buddy Go! (Anime, 2016, Web)_9
Buddy Go! (Anime, 2016, Web)_10
Buddy Go! (Anime, 2016, Web)_20
Buddy Go! 1 Page 9   Buddy Go! Chapter 1 Read Manga Online_30
Buddy Go! 2  gogomanga_26
Buddy Go! 8 Page 30   Buddy Go! Chapter 8 Read Manga Online_22
Buddy Go!  Anime Amino_17
Buddy Go!  Anime Amino_19
Buddy Go! anime per la idol cossdresser  AnimeClick_11
Buddy Go! Anime Trailer 2016   YouTube_23
Buddy Go! Gets Anime Shorts  Anime Amino_7
Buddy Go! TV Anime#39s 3rd Episode Streamed   News   Anime News Network_13
Buddy Go! TV Anime Reveals 1st Episode, Cast   News   Anime News ..._5
Cross Dressing Idol Romance Manga Buddy Go! Gets TV Anime Shorts ..._18
Download buddy go anime sheet music Pdf_14
Fan subs  Buddy Go! Anime trailer #2   YouTube_2
Manga Buddy Go! New chapter is out! The..._15
Manga Freak!!_29
Read manga Buddy Go! Buddy Go! 001   Dance.001 online in high quality_21
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