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Bubblegum Crash!

Image for anime mult Bubblegum Crash!

Year: 1991

Genre: cyberpunk, adventures, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Ishiodori Hiroshi

Autor: Suzuki Toshimichi

Studio: Aic|artmic Studios

Time: 45 min

Description of Bubblegum Crash!

Two years after the previous events, " Knights " are going back and continue their war... in Action Bubblegum Crash! It occurs in about five years after the crisis began. Gene seems to have decided to go away for a short while in the background, but a new wave of "Boomer crimes" forces to recreate the Knight Sabers after some period of inactivity.So who is behind all sorts of thefts of components super terribly awful intelligence system?

Images and photos of Bubblegum Crash!

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