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Image for anime mult Btooom!

Year: 2012

Genre: seinen, drama, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Watanabe Kotono

Autor: Inoue Junya

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of Btooom!

History will tell us about the 22 -year-old Sakamoto Rёta - slacker who lives with his mother. Perhaps in his life he and gray mouse (or rat)but among gamers quite a famous person, especially as one of the best world-class players in the most popular online game «Btooom!». But life is boring without surprises. And Rёta also gets a surprise. Waking up one morning, he finds himself in an unknown island. And what is bad, he can not understand,which is no easy it brought it here. As a result, he is forced to go in search of out of this situation. And so, after wandering for some time on the island, Rёta stumbles upon a stranger, which makes it a "gift" in the form of thrown grenades into it. Then Rёta understand two very important things: first - it wants to killand the second - it turned out to be the world`s «Btooom!» favorite games.

Images and photos of Btooom!

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Btooom January 16, 2013 A look iz
Btooom wholesale Btooom! Buy in bulk from China AliExp
Btooom wholesale Btooom! Buy in bulk from China AliExp
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