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Image for anime mult Bokurano

Year: 2007

Genre: fiction, drama, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Morita Hiroyuki

Autor: Kitou Mohiro

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 23 min

Description of Bokurano

Fifteen teenagers from the summer school is a cave, and in it a strange man who invites them to play a computer game. Suffice it to account - and you can control the giant robot in a battle with a huge monster. But,it soon becomes clear that the game is much more serious, it is a test not only for the participants, and that global rates than you can imagine. At first glance, it is the next-syonen fur: Battle robot enemies with different abilities and appearance, teenagers with their painful emotions and eternal problems...But «Bokurano» is dedicated not so much fighting and growing up as the real world, matters of life and death that prevails around the injustice that is rarely punished, and the cold calculations of those who wield power. There`s a condescending pity or exceptions to the rules, and when it interferes with politicsgiant robot "Zeers" is not perceived as something unusual. Rather, it is a natural disaster, which is embroiled in a lot of innocent people. No one will make "a discount on age" for heroes-students - all together and each separately they will have to deal with the salvation of the world, even if it seems that the world is not worth saving,and may not even be the pedestal of honor for the winner...

Images and photos of Bokurano

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