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Blue seed

Image for anime mult Blue seed

Year: 1994

Genre: adventures, romance, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kamiya Jun

Autor: Takada Yuuzou

Studio: Production I G|ashi Productions

Time: 23 min

Description of Blue seed

Modern Japan. At the beginning of the history of Japan`s maiden Kusinada-Hime was promised god Susanoo-newMikoto for the victory over the dragon vosmiglavym Yamato-no-Orochi. Since then, in order to deter an attack on Earth-Aragami demons, all reincarnation Kusinady-hime must be sacrificed Susanoo. The main character of "Blue Seed" - fifteen schoolgirl Aya Momiji, reincarnation Kusinady-hime. After the supposed death of her sister-bliznetsa Kaede protection Momiji took over the Japanese secret government organization "hodgepodge" of specialists in all areas of knowledge and skills. Now they are all facing the most difficult problem - whether it is possible to save the world without the revival of human sacrifice? Another defender Momiji - Mamoru Kusanagi, a demon-Arago, who Yamato-no-Orochi ordered not to allow bringing transformation Kusinady-hime as a sacrifice to God, that in due time all the demons were able to destroy it and to capture the humanity. Soon, however, Mamoru starts to protect Momiji not only in order but also his heart.

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