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Blue Gender

Image for anime mult Blue Gender

Year: 1999

Genre: fiction, drama, war

Type: ona

Producer: Abe Masashi

Autor: Takahashi Ryousuke

Studio: Aic

Time: 23 min

Description of Blue Gender

Near future. The young man who had been placed in a cryogenic chamber after 14 years wakes up and discovers that unknown bugs appeared out of nowhere began the total destruction of the human race, who had previously natural enemies.People ran into space and created the so-called "second Earth", in order to survive! In general, in the best traditions of Starship Troopers... nervous people it is better not to watch!

Images and photos of Blue Gender

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Blue Gender   Canon Pairings from Anime Wiki   Wikia_8
Blue Gender   Canon Pairings from Anime Wiki   Wikia_13
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Blue Gender The Warrior (movie)   Anime News Network_30
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Blue Gender  Yuji Kaido  Marlene Angel  Armor Shrike  Second Earth_26
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Crunchyroll   ANIME BLUE GENDER   Group Info_19
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