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Blue Exorcist

Image for anime mult Blue Exorcist

Year: 2011

Genre: action, shounen, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Okamura Tensai

Autor: Kato Kazue

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Blue Exorcist

15 -year-old Rin Okumura from early childhood was a bully - violent, short-tempered, ready for anything,to defend their " concepts ". Man restrained only influence the reception of his father - priest, and even communicate with the twin brother Yukio. However, for the walls of the monastery, where the brothers, the older name was not living it as " the offspring of a demon." Alas, the name was prophetic - Rin was the son of Satan, the ruler of Hell,who created a vessel for his appearance in Assiyu - the material world. The hierarchs of the Church would kill Okumura twins after birth, but an influential father Fujimoto vowed to educate them as people and not give infernal forces. That`s just the Prince of Darkness against any belief powerless - Satan, who appeared for the son killed his guardian and left, saying,that guy is now nowhere to stay. Now what? Adoptive father is not present, the house in ruins, but for Rene, who showed his demonic nature, were the cleaners of the Order of Exorcists. But instead of a deadly battle Satan`s son wanted to become... one of them! Before such a joke of fate could not resist even severe fighters against demons,Rin eventually went to the magic of the True Cross Academy to podnabratsya forces and knowledge for a serious explanation with " daddy ". The way the young exorcist is a long, but it is said: " Resist the devil, and he flees from you!»

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The premiere of «Blue Exorcist» film is scheduled for December 28.