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BlazBlue: Alter Memory

Image for anime mult BlazBlue: Alter Memory

Year: 2013

Genre: detective, fiction, psychology

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tachibana Hideki

Autor: Takasuka Iue

Studio: Hoods Entertainment

Time: 24 min

Description of BlazBlue: Alter Memory

The story begins in the past 2199, when mankind, weary of the protracted wars of magic, is looking forward to the arrival of the new century,designed to bring peace and prosperity to the people; on the streets of the 13th Hierarchical city Kagutsuchi reigns Christmas atmosphere preparation for the holiday is in full swing. One only overshadows the festive mood: the city rumors about the return of Ragna Bladedzha, Rebel SS-class, for whose head is promised the highest award.Ragna The main aim - the destruction of an established social order in the world. On the capture of the rebel command is sent immediately. BlazBlue game from Arc System Works company.

Images and photos of BlazBlue: Alter Memory

Animehead Brothers Blazblue Alter Memory   Roxas_24
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BlazBlue Alter Memory. Terrorists rescued
BlazBlue   Alter Memory 01 [First Look]   Anime Evo_10
BlazBlue   Alter Memory 01 [First Look]   Anime Evo_15
BlazBlue   Alter Memory 01 [First Look]   Anime Evo_16
BlazBlue   Alter Memory 01 [First Look]   Anime Evo_20
Blazblue Alter Memory 02   Anime Evo_18
Blazblue Alter Memory 04   Anime Evo_19
BlazBlue Alter Memory  Anime Anemoscope_1
BlazBlue Alter Memory   Anime GX_27
BlazBlue Alter Memory A Quick Take – Lower Mid Table_17
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BlazBlue Alter Memory   BlazBlue Wiki   Wikia_4
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BlazBlue Alter Memory – Episode 1  LuRa#39s Anime Blog_22
BlazBlue Alter Memory transplants the game into anime_6
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