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Blame! Prologue

Image for anime mult Blame! Prologue

Year: 2007

Genre: seinen, science_fiction, cyberpunk

Type: ova

Producer: Takahashi Motosuke

Autor: Nihei Tsutomu

Studio: Jinni S Animation Studios|production I G

Time: 4 min

Description of Blame! Prologue

Two episodes for 4 minutes with a small, where a 2-minute advertising, 2 - titles, and those unfortunate " little " reserved for all actions. Not the best computer graphics, but also not the worst,and some of the scenery and all drawn by hand. Nice music, a slight feeling of atmosphere really worth the work. The plot is simple: a well-known (who is familiar with manga, I do not know) boy prowling for new buildings immense futuristic world of the future. His mercilessly bludgeoning cyborgs (apparently, they still flooded the entire planet)but the guy is not reflected, even when it meets with the head of concrete walls, or body receives a charge devastating laser. And yet it has a small size of the gun from which it beats down as of realkana (mini BFG is), and brings down one after the other cyborgs. That`s all. (C) Dunkel,

Images and photos of Blame! Prologue

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