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Image for anime mult Blame!

Year: 2003

Genre: mechanism, seinen, cyberpunk

Type: ona

Producer: Inokawa Shintaro

Autor: Nihei Tsutomu

Studio: Group Tac

Time: 5 min

Description of Blame!

The action takes place in the distant future, in the eerie futuristic world, which was the result of human civilization. All terrestrial space occupied mnogoetazhaya lump Megastructure whose innumerable levels flocked to thousands of kilometers up until the Moon, replacing the inhabitants of heaven and earth, concrete and metal fence panels.Control of this colossus was entrusted to an unprecedentedly powerful computer, connected to all parts of the city by a vast web, in which the penetration of life was total. The main crown of civilization was the creation of Network sphere, a kind of operating system and management is essentially a new reality.But whatever the achievements of scientific thought, human nature has not changed. Emerged underground Savage Order Satanists use the access to the Internet to steal the latest technology, with which the authorities have created a silicon-based Safeguard powerful police. Fanatics have applied it to the people, giving rise to a race of monsters,dubbed Silicone creatures. Then, in the service of the city it was made rigid control decision - to close access to the network sphere, separating it from the so- called basic reality insurmountable barrier, protected deadly Safeguard, which destroyed all the people who do not have special genes Network terminal.Megastructure turned into chaos. In the vast jungle of steel is now bossed bred Silicone creatures hunting for the few survivors defenseless people. However, the decision of the Control Service proved to be short-sighted, as programmed for a long time the city`s growth has exceeded all reasonable limits. Robot builders ThereforeWe continue to build and expand the already gigantic structure to control which network the field became more and more difficult. To some of the basic reality, it was necessary to enter the network and change the scope of the course, but the carrier network terminal gene is almost gone. Although the slim chance of the existence of such a person exists.On his quest, and sent on a long and dangerous journey agent Killy, the last chance of suffering humanity. Whether it will be crowned with success Odyssey?

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