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Blade and Soul

Image for anime mult Blade and Soul

Year: 2014

Genre: fantasy, adventures, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hamasaki Hiroshi

Autor: Kouga Yun

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 25 min

Description of Blade and Soul

Once in this world opened Black Gate, where flooded hordes of demons.Heaven is not left behind, defeated demons, and Gates have been sealed four Grand Masters. Centuries later backsliding Qin Valaylu mutinied to crush the press, but was destroyed by the combined might of the Masters. Centuries passed, were born and went nations, the memory of ancient battles effaced, and Chaos Messenger was back.This time Valaylu took into account the lessons of the past, decided to start to seize power in an aggressive Palamskoy empire skilfully pitting his enemies together and destroying them one by one. That`s what killed the head of the clan Qin Sword, blaming his best pupil Anzhusyan. Seeing the obvious inequality of forces, Anzhusyan fled to the border land,ruled by local leaders together with the mercenaries and bandits. Soon she realized that she did not manage to escape, for palamtsy set to search in earnest, and the amount of awards for her head untie all languages??. The fugitive was clear: in order to survive and take revenge, we must seek reliable allies. On the frontier lands dashing enough peoplebrave knights and ordinary soldiers - whom to contact, and who will not betray? Anzhusyan still does not know that on the winding paths of fate awaited her meeting with the three outstanding women. But one woman - still nothing, two women - Maidan, but three - have an army! Now Darkness certainly not pass!

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