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Black Rock Shooter

Image for anime mult Black Rock Shooter

Year: 2012

Genre: drama, seinen, science_fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yoshioka Shinobu

Autor: Itou Ikuko

Studio: Ordet|sanzigen

Time: 23 min

Description of Black Rock Shooter

To live in society and be free from society can not. But while building relationships is not easy to get away from it will not work, and there is no ready-made recipes. Do you need to someoneor something is doomed to loneliness? What is friendship - equal alliance or submission? Is it possible, bringing one not to alienate the other? Who better to be - master or slave? Mato and Yomi, Kagari and Yu - ordinary high school student - also looking for answers to difficult questions, tormented by uncertainty, suffering from lack of understanding, fear of failure.But this way everyone must go through himself, not relying on the school psychologist, and her coffee - machine! Meanwhile, in the world of dreams live reflection heroines - the mysterious Black Rock Shooter, tragic mistress of the Dead, with the deceptive power of mind, swift charioteer and very very strange Saw Black Gold. Facing and fighting with each other, alter-ego decide housewives problems picking up on something light from the dark depths of the subconscious, helping to discard useless and understand the most important thing. No wonder the ancients believed that the good fight - the best way to ease the soul, or, in modern terms, to streamline complex. The only black coffee does not have to go to far!

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