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Black Magic M-66

Image for anime mult Black Magic M-66

Year: 1987

Genre: fiction, comedy, mechanism

Type: ova

Producer: Kitakubo Hiroyuki

Autor: Shirou Masamune

Studio: Aic|animate

Time: 48 min

Description of Black Magic M-66

The action takes place in the future in some highly militarized state, leading a war with their " northern neighbor."In the forest areas during a severe thunderstorm crashed military transport plane with a top-secret cargo on board - two experimental cyborgs battle M- 66, developed by the brilliant Dr. Matthew and destined to become the ultimate weapon on the front. If you fall in the M- 66 there was a failure,led to unintended load test of combat program, for which the object defeat eccentric inventor jokingly have the name of their beloved granddaughter Ferris. Place the crash is being encircled commandos, trying to stop the cyborgs that have, by the way, the female form. Found out about the accident,there also rushes in search of sensation ushlaya journalist Sibel, becoming an unwitting witness to a desperate battle with the soldiers cyborgs. Although one M- 66 manages to neutralize the other escapes and continues its mission " to find and neutralize ", whose purpose - unsuspecting girl having fun with her??friends somewhere in town.Who quickly finds Ferris - deadly M- 66 or commando? Or Sibel desperately brave, determined not to let the girl die?

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