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Black Bullet

Image for anime mult Black Bullet

Year: 2014

Genre: horrors, postapokalipsis, tragedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kojima Masayuki

Autor: Kanzaki Shiden

Studio: Cinema Citrus|orange

Time: 24 min

Description of Black Bullet

Hitherto unknown virus gastraea put Earth on the brink of death. Infect soon turned into crazy monsters, destroying all life. Excluding one - children born to mothers infected in the later stages.These girls (when they were born) received immunity and supernormal abilities: strength, speed, stamina, but there are other gifts. In general, mankind has survived for two reasons. The first - the opening of a material called lizards: black metal, the vast development of the virus. The second - the protection of the fenced off varanievyh monoliths,surviving human enclaves learned how to use the " cursed children." Now, the order supporting private agencies, which serve as the team of devochki- " initiator " and its " promoter." The majority of young mutants - the master of close combat, and people - partners usually provide fire support. Their black bullets from Varan finish off monsters,but can kill and " cursed " if she loses self-control. In a small agency Kisarov Tendo, granddaughter advisor Tokyo enclave, listed only one fighting pair of 17 -year-old Satomi Rentaro and its initiator, young Endzyu Aihara. It is necessary to understand these guys are not stupid viruses appear in the plot where the enemies,a smart and brutal people. From these pillars of black is not exactly hide!

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