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Birdy the Mighty Decode

Image for anime mult Birdy the Mighty Decode

Year: 2008

Genre: shounen, drama, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Akane Kazuki

Autor: Yuuki Masami

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Birdy the Mighty Decode

One high school student Tsutomu Senkava found himself at the wrong time and in the wrong place, then the whole season divided body with a beautiful, strong and determined girl Birdie, even though an alien. And when his home in the native body, reduced the miracle of technology, soon got bored and began to think how to get back. Good,soon had the chance to sacrifice themselves for the salvation of the world, and the cycle began again. So I had Birdie, employee of the Galactic Police, remain on Earth under the guise of an old pop idol Arita Zion. Here are just grieve and Tsutomu Birdie once - on the planet comes a group of fugitive conspirators,not wanting to blow off time for the use in the first season of the absolute biological weapons. And the earth itself gradually transformed into a kind of galactic Odessa, where live side by side and the crank case criminals and illegal immigrants, terrorists and special agents, politicians and religious fanatics of all known and unknown space races.How will the next investigation? Will find whether Tsutomu lost love? On whose side play childhood friends Birdie? Say one thing - in anticipation of the responses will not be bored!

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