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Image for anime mult Bio-Hunter

Year: 1995

Genre: action, fiction, horrors

Type: ova

Producer: Satou Yuuzou

Autor: Hosono Fujihiko

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 58 min

Description of Bio-Hunter

A strange virus affects the genetic code of people, turning them into monsters with demonic forces. Komada and Koshigava - a couple of scientists who are trying with all his might to destroy the Demon Virus in all its manifestations. However, one of them is already infected,and the infection spreads every day faster and faster... In the meantime, one of the monsters terrorizing the streets of Tokyo, gutting young girls and absorbing their livers. The famous psychic knows the true identity of this monster. Task Koshigavy Komad and get to the psychic and his beautiful daughter, until it is too late...

Images and photos of Bio-Hunter

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