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Big X

Image for anime mult Big X

Year: 1964

Genre: history, fiction, action

Type: tv_series

Producer: Dezaki Osamu

Autor: Tezuka Osamu

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 25 min

Description of Big X

During the events of World War II, Adolf Hitler personally invited Dr. Asagumo come to Germany,to take part in the development of a new super- weapon "Big X". Concerned about the likely dire consequences of arms, the doctor intentionally slows down the development process, collusion with Dr. Engel. Shortly before his defeat in the war, before the doctor shot for " betrayal "he can secretly transmit information about the developments on the map to his son, Shigeru. It takes 20 years. Secret Alliance, associated with the Nazi forces learns of the existence of the card. Shigeru But now lives in Tokyo, almost completed the development of the father to create a super- weapon, the drug, the ability to expand human physical limitations. It turns out,grandson of Dr. Engel joined the Nazi alliance and intends to get the drug. However, he and the alliance will withstand son Shigeru - Akira, which with the new super- opportunity to challenge the Nazi alliance, intending to conquer the world.

Images and photos of Big X

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