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Big Windup! 2

Image for anime mult Big Windup! 2

Year: 2010

Genre: sport, comedy, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mizushima Tsutomu

Autor: Higuchi Asa

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Big Windup! 2

16-year-old Ren Mijas, talented but unbalanced player begins to take itself a little, he entered the older Nisiura school and taking in a baseball team, pitcher position.In this he is actively helping new comrades, and especially catcher This Abe and fourth batter Yuytiro Tajima. At the core of the guys made the school team, which, according to a young coach Maria Momoe, "caught a spark" and capable of many things, for example, go to the national tournament Koshien - the dream of every young baseball player.However, for a trip to the national final, which takes place in early August, the heroes of this summer to win the championship of its own prefecture of Saitama, where lack of strong contenders. It is worth considering that the favorites are staffed by experienced graduates and Nisiura - novice high school, which can only help the team spirit,Battle enthusiasm and effect of the "dark horse." How long will the talented young enough luck and excitement - we learn in the second season.

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