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Big Order OVA

Image for anime mult Big Order OVA

Year: 2015

Genre: shounen, postapokalipsis, mysticism

Type: short, ova

Producer: Kamanaka Nobuharu

Autor: Esuno Sakae

Studio: Asread

Time: 23 min

Description of Big Order OVA

Bonus exclusive limited edition of eight volumes of the manga. In the world of manga, there are so-called "Orders" - abilities that "fairy" empower the elected individuals to fulfill their cherished dreams. The protagonist - a closed school student Eiji Hoschimiya,which holds a terrible secret: he is the first holder of Warrants who received it ten years ago. Here are his cherished desire at that time was the destruction of the world. As a result, there was a global disaster, because of which killed and injured many people, and Eiji decided never to use his strength.But "never" - the term is too long...

Images and photos of Big Order OVA

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