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Image for anime mult Beyblade

Year: 2001

Genre: sport, comedy, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawase Toshifumi

Autor: Aoki Takao Author

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 23 min

Description of Beyblade

Games in the ear, and weave a thing of the past, and new fun captured the imagination of school children around the world! Beyblade - a competition between the two tops in a special circular field, beyond which you want to push the blade of the enemy. Despite the seeming simplicity of the game, to win requires its own tactics, a certain balance between speed and weight Blade and,Of course, luck. For our heroes Beyblade - not just entertainment, and a world full of successes, failures and bitter rivalries. A true fan of the game and the match will replace the food and sleep, but defeat would be a stimulus to further honing their skills. One of the best city bleyderov Tyson befriends "Chef" and Andrew -his former rivals in the game. Now they are united by a common enemy - bold and unbeatable team, "Sharks." The three friends are beginning to look for ways to improve the performance of the top Tyson and challenge the "sharks" and their leader Kai. Soon held city tournament, and our heroes have set themselves an incredible circuit -away from Kai title.

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