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Battle Programmer SHIRASE

Image for anime mult Battle Programmer SHIRASE

Year: 2003

Genre: ecchi, seinen, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hayashi Hiroki

Autor: Hayashi Hiroki

Studio: Aic

Time: 12 min

Description of Battle Programmer SHIRASE

He - a mystery. He - the one whose name leads to thrill anyone. He - a man with a unique computational capabilities. He - a consummate hacker. He - the legendary BPS. Finally, he -poor programmer with sad eyes and unambiguous interest in very young ladies, Sirase Akira. His whole life is behind the monitor screen or the phone screen. In reality it is returned only infrequent but extremely important orders. And here is another difficult task set in front of a brilliant BPS -you need as soon as possible to return a supercomputer, stolen by a mysterious attacker. It would seem that no one strings, leading to a solution, but... but it took itself BPS, then something needs to happen extra- ordinary.

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