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Baton The Animation

Image for anime mult Baton The Animation

Year: 2009

Genre: cyberpunk, science_fiction, action

Type: special

Producer: Kitamura Ryuhei

Autor: Miyanishi Tatsuya

Studio: Tms Entertainment|asia Do

Time: 20 min

Description of Baton The Animation

The unknown future. People have become obsolete with the face of the planet, leaving only humanoid robots who live on the program. But among the machines have something that carries the desire to live, to love and feel like humans. Saif virus - once the operating system of the robot, the first of its kind, capable of emotion.And his memory is transmitted from the robot to the robot has been 100 years old, like a relay race. Apollo and Mikal, not knowing it, took the baton...

Images and photos of Baton The Animation

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