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Bastard! Destroyer of Darkness

Image for anime mult Bastard! Destroyer of Darkness

Year: 1992

Genre: fantasy, action, ecchi

Type: ova

Producer: Akiyama Katsuhito

Autor: Hagiwara Kazushi

Studio: Aic

Time: 30 min

Description of Bastard! Destroyer of Darkness

Fifteen years ago, Dark Schneider, a powerful dark magician was going to conquer the world. He destroyed the kingdom, but did not stay to rule over them, heading further on its way. High Priest of the Kingdom Metallikany then managed to stop him.Now the four Lords of Chaos were once followers of the Dark Schneider, eager to finish his work, plucking "magic seal" are not allowed in this world the god of darkness, called Ansley Sachs. Three print torn, there was only one, which is just the same is in Metallikane. In the kingdom no soldiers,able to match the power of the advancing army. The only way out may be the awakening of Dark Schneider, who was imprisoned in Liushi body, a simple guy who lives at the temple. To do this he must kiss the innocent girl - the daughter of the high priest, Yoko.No that awakened mage does not mean that he wants to help the kingdom.Among his first goals is not Metallikany protection and revenge priest. At the same time, Dark Schneider is not interested in the appearance of God`s darkness, and not inclined to kill his former teammates.

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