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Image for anime mult Basquash!

Year: 2009

Genre: sport, mechanism, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Itagaki Shin

Autor: Kawamori Shouji

Studio: Satelight

Time: 24 min

Description of Basquash!

On a parallel Earth civilization went into decline.The hosts settled life on the moon - in Munayz, dream city, which attracts every night celestial lights simple earthly people, whiling away the age in crumbling concrete jungle. In Rollertaune - one of Earth settlements - lives of a young rebel and a vagabond Dan, more than anything else who wants to go to the moon. But dreams - one thing, and reality - is another, It is given together with the faithful beast symbiotic Spanky and chums accomplices-Hansa and Bella turns as you can to earn a living themselves and a sick sister Coco. Poor guy would be finished, but a childhood friend - a mechanic amateur Miyuki - offered to play basketball on MEGAPODE. The thing is,that among the favorite spectacles Rollertauna including "Basco" - a game of basketball on the walking robot, which everyone calls "MEGAPODE". This is the most advanced technique allowed earthlings heavenly hosts, and "MEGAPODE" are used everywhere - from construction to street patrol. Miyuki with Uncle Get off doing unique robotwhich will allow Dan to demonstrate their basketball talent, he makes a very impressive way. Now heroes long way to the moon starts! It remains only to decide - what designer Tom Romain-shod robots basketball sneakers from Nike?

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