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Baoh the Visitor

Image for anime mult Baoh the Visitor

Year: 1989

Genre: horrors, fight, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Yokoyama Hiroyuki

Autor: Araki Hirohiko

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 50 min

Description of Baoh the Visitor

Buduschee.Taynaya organization Doresse injected into the body of a young man Ikura parasite Bao. The parasite attaches itself to the brain and Ikura makes it almost immortal, and,Ikura when in danger, transforms him into a superhuman monster. Doresse plans to use Ikura and others such as guinea pigs, to take over the world. When Ikura transported by train, he and Sumire, a girl that has psychic abilities, manages to escape.But Dr. Kasuminome not going to lose her beloved rabbit...

Images and photos of Baoh the Visitor

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